Who Are We?

Tanya Field – Chairperson






Alan Webb-Moore РMembership Secretary / Events Coordinator

Hi I’m Alan from Crawley West Sussex. I am a Director of a small forwarding company that specialises in the repatriation of human remains…yes i ship dead bodies.
I live with my Partner Darren of 12 years and my beautify beagle Ruby.
I have a 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500 which is named Joannie after My Wonderful Nan who at the age of 59 bought a brand new Spitfire in 1978 and drove it till she was 71!
My other hobbies include caravanning, holding the traffic up accross the country. And DIY, im permanently redecorating the house when im not tinkering with the spitfire or away in the caravan
I’m so pleased to be involved in The Cowley Convoy, long may it continue.



Guy Laister – Events Coordinator

Hi I’m Guy from Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire. I study Graphic design at Banbury college and work at the local Co-op.
I drive a white 1989 998cc Austin Metro which is called Cecil – named after the first owner of the car.
I bought the car as my first due to me being finatic about British Leyland, including MG and Rover – Unusual for a 17 year old eh?
1 year later, 1 accident later and 22,000 miles later shes still going strong! Its a well loved car the i enjoy taking to shows almost weekly!
I have other hobbies except from cars. This includes computers, electronics and DIY. Most of the time when im not doing college work I’ll be under the bonnet of my metro!
When i first heard about the Cowley Convoy, my passion for it made me want to be involved. Im so please i can be a part of the Cowley Convoy.