Cowley Convoy Update


Tanya Field and I have been in contact with the organisers of POL.

Pride of Longbridge in a form is going ahead as planned just in a small scale with parking along the roads of Longbridge. However whilst there will be parking in Lowehill Lane in, this will be very limited and the marshals will try and park us there is no Guarantee we will have space when we get there. The organisers of POL have basically said unless you have accommodation booked or you live locally, don’t come as a result of this,

With this in mind and knowing what a nightmare the roads will be like getting to Longbridge, we have made the decision to make an alternative Convoy.

I have been in talks this morning with Birmingham Transport Museum and they are very happy to have accommodate us there. This is situated approx. 15/20 mins from Longbridge, so any of you that wish to, can carry on to Longbridge at your leisure once the mayhem has calmed down.

I must stress that this exclusive and is only open to those that have registered on the Cowley Convoy and is not open to any other club or individuals due to space. We will be checking everyone in on arrival.

The museum is £4 each for adults and £2 for children.

Please see the website for the museum.

There is a coffee shop and toilets at the museum.

If you wish to go straight to Longbridge, we will not be offended. The Convoy will finish at the Museum and then you are free to decide what you want to do from there.

Please be at Cowley for 8.30 and the convoy will be leaving at 9.15 sharp. Myself and Tanya will be there from 8am.

All route information and maps will be given to you once you have checked in with us at Cowley.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Tanya or myself.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


New Website

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